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Application of Intelligent Motor Protector in Yemen Chemical Industry

1. Background

In the modern chemical industry, as a mechanical drag, electric motors become the foundation of all machinery. Improvement of science and technology progress and process control, especially the automation production requirements, make it urgent to develop and improve the motor control and protection equipment, so as to realize the function of remote control, remote sensing, remote setting, fault diagnosis, and centralized control of of the production process and large machinery.

At the same time, the chemical industry has the characteristics of large flux, full load continuous operation has high requirements for electrical equipment reliability and stability. Once there is an accident, the cause of the problem must be quickly checked and problems must be promptly eliminated, in order to timely recover to produce. In the past, thermal relays have been used for motor overload protection or use as control components, but limited by component quality and technology, have been unable to meet the development of chemical industrial automation requirements, and a new type of intelligent motor protector can meet the requirement of the protection of motor control. As a motor protection device, motor protectors effectively guarantee the safe operation of the electric motor, replace the thermal relay, By using advanced communication technology, has realized motor control automation, and takes significant economic benefits.

2. Project Ground

YCGSI, a chemical company based in Yemen, contacted Acrel in late 2019 after its engineer searched online for the factory energy management system which can be connected to SAP. Acrel is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and service. It is committed to providing energy efficiency management and power safety system solutions for power users. Acrel Electric has a complete production line from cloud platform software to components. The company was planning to develop a factory energy management system. The customer visited the headquarters in shanghai at the end of December, and after in-depth communication, they decided to start the purchase trial from the motor protector. So far, the customer has given satisfactory feedback and has planned to renew other products.

Application of Intelligent Motor Protector in Yemen Chemical Industry

3. Function requirement of protector in the chemical industry

Acrel ARD2F motor protector can protect the motor in the process of starting timeout, overload, locked-rotor, imbalance, phase loss, underload, grounding/leakage, block, overvoltage, under-voltage, winding over temperature and other conditions. It realizes the function of counting running time, frequency, monitoring motor operating current, voltage, running time, starting time, alarm and fault information. It also has the function of SOE failure event record, convenient for maintenance staff to find the causes. Through LCD liquid crystal display and status indicators and so on, the running state of the motor is displayed clearly and intuitively. The protector has an RS485 remote communication port and DC4-20mA analog output, which is convenient to form a network system with PLC, PC and other control units, realize the monitoring of the motor in the human-machine interface, and meet the needs of the chemical industry for the motor protector.

4. Performance of ARD2F intelligent motor protector in chemical industry

When ARD2F intelligent motor protector is applied to the chemical industry, it brings the following operation effects to the automatic production process of the chemical industry:

System information centralization

Users can collect the parameters of each device node by means of meter reading, such as motor current, voltage, motor running status, electric energy, etc. According to this information, the user realizes real-time analysis and processing of the motor running status of field equipment.

Intelligent control protection

When ARD2F intelligent motor protectors are used in the chemical production process, if motors have phenomenon such as phase loss, over-temperature, the protector will timely stop the motor running, and makes the corresponding instructions for a variety of fault information. The motor protector with anti-electricity shaking function can be restarted when the power grid fault causes instantaneous and large voltage fluctuation or the short-time power cut and restored.

Fault recording facilitates field problem analysis

In the chemical industry, when an electric motor falure occurs, the spare motor needs to be timely replaced without affecting the operation mechanism. The motor with the problem should be dealt with in time to ensure continuous production. The early treatment methods need a lot of manpower and material resources and need a certain amount of time to analyze, really not convenient. But ARD2F intelligent motor protector's powerful fault recording function saves maintenance personnel a lot of time, improves production efficiency and system operation reliability.

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Application of Intelligent Motor Protector in Yemen Chemical Industry

6. Ending

With the continuous development of modern control technology, the motor has become an important part of the control system, and the motor protector is also developing in a diversified direction. Therefore, we should give full consideration to the actual needs of motor protection, judge motor faults in advance, accurately and timely, rationally select protection functions and protection modes, so as to realize good protection of the motor, improve the reliability of equipment operation, reduce unplanned shutdown and reduce accident losses. Motor protector is an important component of power generation, power supply and electricity consuption system. The widespread use of motor protectors can not only improve the accuracy and scientificity of process control, reduce the failure rate, but also play a positive role in promoting the automation level of the electrical control systems and the development of the national economy.

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