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Electrical Monitoring & Protection Device

Acrel Electrical Monitoring & Protection Device provide solutions for 0.4kv-35kv power distribution system, which include programmable panel energy meter, dc energy meter, remote terminal unit, smart motor protector relay, temperature and humidity controller, medium voltage protection relay, wireless temperature monitor, resdual current relay etc. To Guarantee your electricity safety and stability, choose Acrel Electrical Monitoring Device.

Types Of Electrical Protection & Safety Devices For Sale

Electrical monitoring & protection device involves many aspects of the distribution system, include Measurement and monitoring of electrical parameters, Motor protection and alarm, Temperature and humidity monitoring and control of power distribution environment, High precision, fast response, reduce accidents and reduce operation and maintenance costs.

Why Install An Electric Power Monitoring System?

Various types of production equipment in the power system are complex, the number is huge, the geographical distribution is wide, and manual maintenance is difficult so a power monitor system is necessary.

  • The power distribution rooms are distributed everywhere, and the traditional manual inspection has been unable to adapt to the rapid development of the power grid business.

  • There is a lack of professional maintenance personnel, and at the same time, it is impossible to know the running status of the remote equipment in time.

  • Safety cannot be guaranteed in time. Failure to deal with failures that occur in a timely manner.

  • All dispatching and commanding operations rely on telephone contact and cannot guide on-site operations.

  • Since the unattended substation cannot guarantee the safety of the site, the manned mode is more adopted. To a large extent, it is also an unreasonable allocation of resources.


What Is a Power Monitoring Device?

The power monitoring system includes computers, communication equipment, metering protection devices, etc. Through the power monitoring device that records abnormal power conditions, it mainly records data such as voltage deviation, harmonics, fluctuations, three-phase unbalance and transient overvoltage, etc. for the system. It provides a basic platform for real-time data acquisition, switch status detection and remote control. The system can provide enterprises with an overall solution of "monitoring integration"

What Are Electrical Protective Devices?

Electrical protection device refers to an automatic device that responds to the failure or abnormal operation of electrical components in the power system, and acts and trips the circuit breaker or sends a signal.

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