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Acrel BM series analog signal isolators can measure the electrical parameters such as current and voltage or non-electrical parameters such as temperature and resistance at high speed and accurately, and convert them into standard analog signal output after isolation. It can be directly connected with pointer meter and digital display meter, and can also be connected with automatic control instrument (such as PLC), various A/D converters and computer systems.

BM Series Analog Signal Isolator For Sale

DC voltage/current input,using magnetic isolation technology, Response time<400ms, TS35 rail installation, Plug-in terminal,Temperature drift coefficient: ≤200ppm/℃ at 0.5 level.

BM Series Analog Signal Isolator Data Sheet

Technical parametersIndex
InputRange2-wire or 3-wire RTD Pt100 (α=0.00385), -100℃-300℃
Other featuresLinearly dependent upon temperature
RangeDC 4~20mA、 0~5V、 0~10V
LoadCurrent: ≤500Ω or voltage: ≥1kΩ
OutputZero adjustment5%
Span adjustment5%
ProtectionShort circuit protection
Power supplyRange8.5-40VDC, normally 24VDC/2W
Max. current24mA
Accuracy/linearityMax. 0.5% of full span
Temperature effect≤200ppm/℃
OtherResponse time≤400ms
Isolation voltage2kV between input and output
Operating/storage temperature-10℃ ~+55℃/-25 ~+70℃

How Does Signal Isolator Work?

How Does Signal Isolator Work?

First, the signal received by the PLC is modulated and transformed by a semiconductor device, and then isolated and converted by a light-sensing or magnetic-sensing device, and then demodulated and converted back to the original signal before isolation or a different signal, and the power supply of the isolated signal is isolated at the same time, to ensure absolute independence between the transformed signal, power supply, and ground. It is a good solution to the mutual interference between the loop and the equipment, and on the other hand, it can also effectively eliminate some external electromagnetic interference during the line transmission process.

BM Series Analog Signal Isolator FAQs

  • What is signal isolator 4-20mA?

    4-20mA signal isolator is a signal amplifying instrument that isolates/amplifies/converts DC (analog) current and voltage signals and outputs proportionally.

  • What are isolators used for?

    It is used in the automation system of electric power, railway, petrochemical, metallurgy, chemical, food, storage and other industries.

  • What is a passivve signal isolator?

    A passive isolator is an instrument that isolates the input DC current signal and outputs it. The input/output of the transmitter is fully isolated and resistant to industrial field interference; it can work without external power supply.

  • What is differentce between isolator and switch?

    The difference between an isolator and a switch is that a switch in the usual sense should be able to make and break current under working conditions (including overload conditions), while an isolator has no arc extinguishing capability.

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