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Acrel ADW series IOT energy meter compared with smart energy meter has the biggest advantage is that it can be controlled by wireless communication and combined with software system to facilitate users to monitor, copy and manage electricity consumption. It can be flexibly installed in the distribution box to realize energy metering, statistics and analysis of different areas and different loads.

ADW Series IOT Power Meter Datasheet

technical parameterADW2XXADW300
Auxiliary powerVoltageAC/DC 85~265VAC 85~265V
Power consumption≤10VA<2W
Voltage inputRated voltageAC 3×220V/380V3×57.7/100V,3×220/380V,3×380/660V,3×100V, 3×380V,3 ×660V
Reference frequency45~65Hz50Hz
Current inputInput CurrentAC 5A、100A、400A、600A,
(External opening transformer)
3×1(6)A,3×1(6)A(ADW300W), 3×20(100)A(ADW300W)
Starting current/1‰ Ib (Class 0.5S),4‰ Ib (Class 1)
Measuring performancemeasurement accuracyFrequency 0.05Hz, voltage and current Class 0.5, active electric energy Class 1, reactive electric energy Class 2,
2-31 times harmonic accuracy: ± 1%
Class 0.5S(ADW300),Class 1(ADW300W)
PulsePulse outputOutput mode: optocoupler pulse with open collector,/
Pulse Width80±20ms80±20ms
Pulse constantable to set6400imp/kWh , 400imp/kWh
SwitchSwitch input2+12DI2DI
Switch output2+4DO2DO
Infrared interface/The constant baud rate is 1200
RS485 interfaceRS485(A、B)RS485(A、B)
Connection modeRJ45Shielded twisted pair conductors
SurroundingsOperating temperature-20℃~+60℃-20℃~55℃
Storage temperature-40℃~+70℃-40℃~70℃
humidity≤95% No condensation≤95% (No condensation)
electromagnetic compatibilityBetter than grade 3/

Display modeLCD display optionalLCD
Energy measurementPositive and negative energy,31 days four quadrant and multi rate electric energy freezing, Four quadrant electric energy,12-month multi rate electric energyActive kWh(positive and negative), quadrant reactivepower energy
Electrical measurementU、I、P、Q、S、PF、FU、I、P、Q、S、PF、F
Harmonic functiontotal Harmonic and 2-31 Fractional harmonicsTHDv、Harmonic on 2nd-31st
Three-phase unbalance degreeVoltage/Current Phase Angle、Voltage/Current Degree of unbalanceVoltage unbalance,current unbalance
Temperature measurement12 channel external NTC temperatureTemperature of A/B/C/N(Alternate configuration:T)
leakage current4 channel residual current measurement1 channel residual current measurement
12DI/4DO with MK module
4DI,2DO(Alternate configuration.K)
External current transformerExternal Current transformerExternal open type current transformer(Alternate configuration: W)
Electrical parameter Alarmover-voltage, over-current, phase failure, DI linkage and other alarm outputUndervoltage, undercurrent,overcurrent,underload,etc
CommunicationRJ45 interfaceInfrared communication
RS485 Standard communicationRS485(Alternate configuration. C)
(AWT100-LoRa) LoRa Wireless CommunicationWireless transmission on 470MHz(Alternate configuration: LR)
(AWT100-2G) 2G Wireless CommunicationGPRS(Alternate configuration:2G)
(AWT100-NB) NB Wireless CommunicationNB-IOT(Alternate configuration: NB)
(AWT100-4G) 4G Wireless Communication4G(Alternate configuration.4G)
(AWT100-WIFI) WIFI Wireless CommunicationWIFI(Alternate configuration. WIFI)

How Does A DW Series IOT Power Meter Work?

How Does A DW Series IOT Power Meter Work?

Acrel ADW Series IOT Energy Meter has two solutions to work. First, it can be connected to the gateway through RS485, and then the gateway uploads the data in the meter to the IOT cloud platform through 4G signal. The client can monitor the data in real time through PC or mobile APP. Solution 2 is ADW300 directly upload the data in the table to the IOT platform through 4G/WIFI signals, this solution does not need to pass through the gateway, more convenient installation.

ADW Series IOT Power Meter FAQs

  • What is a IOT energy meter?

    It is a meter that can measure electrical parameters and realize wireless communication.

  • How does a IOT energy meter work?

    The meter upload the data of measurement to the IOT platform through wireless comunication like WIFI/4G.

  • How to choose which type IOT energy meter?

    ADW2XX can measure 4 channels three phase energy meter, while ADW300 can directly upload data.

  • Why we recommend use iot energy meter?

    IOT energy meter can connect to the iot platfom, which will let customer convient to monitor and management.

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