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At present, wireless technology relies on the advantages of easy deployment, low construction cost, and wide application environment. Data diversification has gradually become an important direction for network development and application in the future industrial Internet. AWT100 data conversion module is a new data conversion DTU launched by Acrel. Communication data conversion includes 2G, 4G, NB, LoRa, LoRaWAN, GPS, WiFi, CE, DP and other communication methods. The downlink interface provides a standard RS485 data interface.

AWT100 Series Wireless Communication Terminal For Sale

RJ45 interface and RS485 interface Uplink communication: 4G/WIFI/CE/LORA Antenna: signal enhancement and reception Auxiliary Power supply: DC12V/24V;AC/DC 220V

AWT100 Series Wireless Communication Terminal Data Sheet

WorkingfrequencyLTE-FDD B1 B3 B5 B8
LTE-TDD B34 B38 B39 B40 B41
GSM 900/1800M
H-FDD B1 B3 B8 B5B20GSM 850
EGSM 900
DCS 1800
PCS 1900
LoRa 460 510MHz
Maximum downlink rate 150Mbps
Maximum uplink rate 50Mbps
Maximum downlink ratel30Mbps
Maximum uplink rate 35Mbps
CDMAMaximum downlink rate 3.IMbps
Maximum uplink rate 1.8Mbps
Maximum downlink rate 107Kbps
Maximum uplink rate 85.6Kbps
Maximum downlinkrate 25.2Kbps
Maximum uplink rate15.62Kbps
Maximum downlink rate85.6kbps
Maximum uplink rate85.6kbps
LoRa 62.5kbps
DownlinkRS485 Communication
Uplink4G CommunicationNB-IoTCommunication2G CommunicationLoRaCommunication
SIM cardvoltage3V,1.8V/
Working currentStatic power:≤1W, Transient power consumption:≤3WStatic power: ≤0.5W, Transient powerconsumption: ≤1W
Serial port typeRS-485
Baud rate4800bps、9600bps、19200bps、38400bps(default 9600bps)
OperatingVoltageDC24V or AC/DC220v
Humidity range0~95%Non-condensing

Working frequency460~510MHz470MHZ863-870MHZ920-928MHZ860-935MHZ
Transmission rateLoRa 62.5kbps
DownlinkRS485 Communication
UplinkLoRa Communication
Working currentStatic power:≤0.5W, Transient power consumption:≤1W
Antenna interface50O/SMA(Faucet)
Serial port typeRS-485
Baud rate4800bps、9600bps、19200bps、38400bps(default 9600bps)
Operating VoltageDC24V or AC/DC220V
Operating temperature-10℃~55℃

WorkPositioning accuracy 2.5-5msupport 2.4G frequencyband
WiFi rate: 115200bps
Ethernet rate 10/100M adaptiveProfibus address:1~125.(Note)
DownlinkRS485 Communication
UplinkGPS positioningWiFi wirelessEthernet communicationProfibus communication
Working currentStatic power consumption:≤lW, transient power consumption:≤3WStatic powerconsumption: ≤0.5W,transient powerconsumption: ≤1W
Serial port tpeRS-485 Communication
Baud rate4800bps、9600bps、19200bps、38400bps(Default 9600bps)
OperatingVoltageDC24V or AC/DC220v
Humidity range0~95% Non-condensing

Wireless Communication Applications

Wireless Communication Applications

The applicable industries are as follows:

  • Wireless meter reading;

  • Building automation and security;

  • Robot control;

  • Power distribution network monitoring, power load monitoring;

  • Intelligent lighting control;

  • Automated data collection;

  • Industrial remote control telemetry;

  • Expressway, railway data transmission;

  • Other power and industrial control industries.

AWT100 Series Wireless Communication Terminal FAQs

  • Whats is a communication terminal?

    It is a new wireless data acquisition device which can easily connect power meters and RTUs, PLC, industrial computers and other equipment, only need to complete the initial configuration, you can complete the data acquisition of MODBUS equipment.

  • How many types wireles communication terminal support?

    Communication data conversion includes 2G, 4G, NB, LoRa, LoRaWAN, GPS, WiFi, CE, DP and other communication methods.

  • How many downlink device can connect with one wireless communciation terminal?

    Supports data collection of up to 30 MODBUS RTU devices.

  • Which procotol support with a wireless communciation terminal?

    Support transparent transmission protocol, general mode (active round copy, regular report), MQTT protocol, smart power wireless protocol, prepaid wireless protocol It can be customized and developed.

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