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Acrel ADL series products adopt DIN35mm guide rail installation structure, compact size, can measure electric energy and other electrical parameters, clock, rate time and other parameters can be set, high precision, good reliability, performance indicators in line with CE, UL certification of the technical requirements of the energy meter, and has the power pulse output function; RS485 communication interface can be used to realize data exchange with the host computer.

ADL Series Din Rail Energy Meter For Sale

Acrel din rail mounted energy meter is suitable for government agencies and large public buildings to measure electric energy by item, and can also be used for enterprises and institutions for electric energy management.

ADL Series Din Rail Energy Meter Datasheet

VoltageReference voltageAC 220VAC 220VAC 220V
Reference frequency45-65 Hz50Hz50Hz
Consumption<10VA( Single phase)<10VA<10VA
CurrentMaximum current60A60A,100A80A
Starting current0.004 Ib4‰Ib0.01A
Consumption<4VA(Maximum current)<4VA<1VA
Measurement performanceAccuracyClass 1kWh Class 1kWh Class 0.5
Standards compliantIEC 62053-21:2003IEC 62053-21:2003IEC 62053-21:2003
PlusePluse width80+20 ms80±20ms80±20ms
Pluse constant3200 imp/kWH1600imp/kWh1000imp/kWh,10000imp/kWh
Temperature rangeWork-25℃-55℃-25℃~55℃-25℃-55℃
Humidity≤95%(No condensation)≦95% (No condensation)≦95% (No condensation)≦95% (No condensation)

VoltageReference voltage3*57.7/100V, 3*220/380V, 3*100V, 3*380V3*57.7/100V,3*220/380V,3*100V,3*380V
Reference frequency45-65 Hz50Hz
Consumption<10VA( Single phase)<10VA(Single phase)
CurrentMaximum current6A,80A6A,80A
Starting currentDirect connect:0.004 Ib;Connect via:0.001 InDirect connect:0.004lb;Connect via:0.001ln
Consumption<4VA(Single phase rated current)<1VA(Single phase rated current)
Measurement performanceAccuracyClass 0.5SClass 0.5
Standards compliantIEC 62053-21:2003IEC 62053-22:2003
PlusePluse width80+20 ms80+20 ms
Pluse constant400imp/kWH,6400imp/kWH400imp/kWH,6400imp/kWH
Temperature rangeWork-25℃-55℃-25℃~55℃
Humidity≤95%(No condensation)≦95% (No condensation)≦95% (No condensation)

Working principle Of Din Rail Energy Meter

Working principle Of Din Rail Energy Meter

ADL Series Din Rail Energy meters use electronic circuits/chips to measure electrical energy; With partial pressure resistance or voltage signal into voltage transformer can be used for electronic measurement of small signal and current signal in the shunt or current transformer can be used for electronic measurement of small signal, using special power measurement chip will transform a good voltage and current signals are analog or digital multiplication, and electricity were accumulated, and then output frequency is proportional to the power of the pulse signal, Digital display after microcomputer processing.

ADL Series Din Rail Energy Meter FAQs

  • How To Calculate Maximum Demand In Energy Meter?

    We will write the maximum demand function into the program of the energy meter, just need to click the button to turn the page to view the maximum demand.

  • How Energy Meter Calculate Power Factor?

    Our energy meter has the function of measuring the power factor, and the corresponding power factor can be directly viewed on the display interface.

  • How Energy Meter Works?

    When the energy meter is connected to the circuit under test, it will sample the voltage, current and other signals on the line to the chip, and then send to MCU through pulse, and then complete the calculation and display of various power parameters.

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