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  • ​ASJ10-LD1A Earth Leakage Relay
  • ​ASJ10-LD1A Earth Leakage Relay

Acrel ​ASJ10-LD1A Earth Leakage Relay

Acrel ASJ series residual current relays are mainly suitable for TT or TN system distribution lines with AC 50Hz and rated voltage of 400V and below. They are equipped with low-voltage circuit breakers or low-voltage contactors to reduce electrical safety accidents caused by leakage and ensure the safety of staff.

Video of ASJ10-LD1A Earth Leakage Relay

Parameters of ASJ10-LD1A Earth Leakage Relay

Technical parameter

Type A


Rated residual action current I△n


Non-driving time of limitation △t


Rated residual-action current I△no


performance characteristics

simple sinusoidal alternating current and pulsating direct current



Action error



output mode

one is the normal closing or opening,and the other is for the transformation

contact capacity

AL1:8A250VAC5A 30VDC
AL2:6A250VAC5A 30VDC

reset mode

the on-the-spot one, the long-distance one and the automatic one

Power supply

voltage range

AC110V、AC220V、DC85-270Vpermissible error±10%)

power dissipation


Power frequency withstands voltage

The effective value of alternating current between the power supply, input and output: 2kV/Imin

Under thenormaloperation


operating temperature:-20℃~+55℃storage temperature:-30℃~+70℃


≤95%RH, with moisture condensation, and corrosive gas place

height above sea level


class of pollution

Grade three

installation category

Type III

Benefits of ASJ10-LD1A Earth Leakage Relay

  • The measurement of A-type after-current
  • The streamer display of current percentage
  • The setting of rated residual action current
  • The setting of non-driving time of limitation
  • Two-pair relay output
  • Possessing the function of on-the-spot and long-distance testing and resetting

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