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Acrel ARTU Series Remote Terminal Unit is a remote monitoring and control device, which is responsible for monitoring and controlling the status of field industrial equipment. As a high-performance power distribution intelligent component, it is widely used in intelligent power distribution, industrial automation and other fields, and is the best solution for remote automation applications. Products include: remote signaling unit, remote control unit.

ARTU Series Remote Terminal Unit For Sale

8,16,32 channels switch value acquistion,8 channels power input output signal acquistion, RS485 communicaiton optional,8AI+4AO function optional.

ARTU Series Remote Terminal Unit Data Sheet

POWER CONSUMPTION≤9W (excluding modules); ≤15W (including modules, up to 3 modules)
MODEL8-path DI (active/passive, optional); 8-path DO, output mode: relay normally-open contact output, contact capacity; AC 250V/3A DC 30V/3A;16-path DI (active/passive, optional)32-path DI (active/passive, optional)
COMUMICATION2-path 485 communication; Modbus-RTU protocol;baud-rate 1200 ~ 38400bps
Dial switch10 bits
Indicator light20 indicator lights

Programming Advantages Of Remote Terminal Unit

Programming Advantages Of Remote Terminal Unit
  • The communication distance is long, and a variety of communication ports are provided at the same time to adapt to different communication requirements of decentralized applications and local areas.

  • The CPU has strong computing power, provides large-capacity program and data storage space, and is suitable for local computing and safe storage of large amounts of data.

  • Adapt to harsh temperature and humidity environment, the working environment temperature is -40~+85℃.

  • Modular structural design, easy to expand.

  • It is precisely because of the perfect function of RTU that RTU products have been widely used in SCADA systems.

ARTU Series Remote Terminal Unit FAQs

  • What is the use of Remote Terminal Unit?

    Intelligent power distribution, industrial automation field.

  • What is PLC and RTU?

    RTU: the basic unit of SCADA system. rtu is an electronic device installed at a remote site.

    PLC: programmable logic controller, which performs data aggregation and command processing in the field station.

  • What is an RTU in utilities?

    Rtu is an electronic device installed on a remote site, used to monitor, measure and collect sensors and equipment installed on a remote site, responsible for the monitoring and control of field signals, industrial equipment.

  • How does RUT work?

    Electronic equipment installed at a remote site where the RTU converts the measured state or signal into a data format that can be sent over a communication medium.

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