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Acrel AGF-AE Series PV/Solar Inverter meter is a single-phase three-wire solar energy meter specially designed for the Americas. It is suitable for solar photovoltaic systems and is used in conjunction with inverters to measure the AC power parameters in the loop, so as to achieve the function of power monitoring.

AGF-AE Series PV/Solar Inverter Meter For Sale

Single phase three wire Rated voltage: AC 120V/208V, 240V(88%~110%) Rated current: AC 100A, 200A DIN 35 mm

AGF-AE Series PV/Solar Inverter Meter Data Sheet

Meter Technical Specifications
Rated Voltage-Line to N120V
Rated Voltage-Line to Line208/240V
Extended Voltage Range88%~110%
AC Frequency60Hz
Grids SupportedL1/L2/N/PE
Power Consumption1.2W
Meter Communication InterfacesRS 485
Response Time≤lS
Meter Accuracy
Rated RMS current100200A
1%-100% of CT Current±0.5±1%
Current Transformers
Number of Supplied Current Transformers2
Standard Compliance
Installation Specifications
Enclosure typeType 1,PC plastic UL94V-0
Operating Temperature Range-30~70C
Relative Humidity (noncondensing)5─90%
Mounting TypeDIN-Rail,35mm

Application Of PV/Solar Inverter Meter

Application Of PV/Solar Inverter Meter

The photovoltaic system is generally composed of solar photovoltaic panels, photovoltaic inverters, smart meters, and battery components. The solar meters are divided into three parts in the entire system. 1: Between the inverter and the load, it is used to measure the total power generation of the photovoltaic system. 2: Between the load and the national grid meter, it is mainly used to measure the power on and off the grid to prevent backflow. 3: DC meter, installed between the inverter and the battery,: measuring the charge and discharge data of the energy storage module.

AGF-AE Series PV/Solar Inverter Meter FAQs

  • How does the solar power meter work?

    The power meter needs to work with inverter, inverter read the power and direction of the load through RS485. Then adjust output power in order to realize power function.

  • Why the solar power meter need work with inverter?

    The power meter itself cannot prevent reverse power and needs to be uesd in conjunction with the inverter.

  • One solar inverter meter whether support connect to mulitple inverters?

    Inverter can connect the same meter data through gateway, this function requires the inverter manufacturer to debug.

  • What is a PV meter?

    PV meter is used for energy storage judgment, power consumption analysis, and anti-backflow functions of photovoltaic systems.

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