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  • bender insulation monitoring device
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  • bender insulation monitoring device
  • electric insulation monitoring device
  • imd insulation monitoring device

Acrel AIM-M200 Medical Intelligent Insulation Monitor

The AIM-M200 bender insulation monitoring device monitors the insulation resistance of the medical IT system. At the same time, the load current and temperature of the IT system transformer is monitored. In combination with ASG100, AllL100 senies insulation fault locators and the appropriate measuring current transformers, the AIM-M200 bender insulation monitor is designed to support insulation fault location.

AIM-M200 Bender Insulation Resistance Monitoring Device Parameters



AUX Power


DC 18~36V

Power consumption


Insulation monitoring

Resistance measuring range


Response value


Relative uncertainty


Response time


Permissible system leakage capacitance Ce


Measuring voltage Um


Measuring current Im


Impedance Zi


Internal DC resistance Ri


Permissible extraneous DC voltage Ufg


Load current monitoring

Measuring Value


Alarm Value


Measuring accuracy


Temperature monitoring

Thermal resistor


Measuring range


Alarm value range


Alarm output

Output mode

2-route relay output(not programmable)

Contact rating

AC 250V/3A

DC 30V/3A


Operating temperature


Transport temperature


Storage temperature


Relative humidity

5~95%,No condensation



IP degree


Rated impulse voltage/ pollution degree



IEC 61326-2-4

Communication protocol

1 channel CAN, customize

1 channel RS485, Modbus-RTU

AIM-M200 IMD Insulation Monitoring Device Benefits

  • Insulation, load and transformer temperature monitoring for IT system

  • Real-time monitoring disconnection fault of L1/L2, temperature sensor and FK. This isolated power supply system will automatically alarm when these faults occur.

  • Relay alarm output and L ED alarm output

  • Real-time monitor the status of operating by data exchange with

  • AID series or centralized monitoring software via field bus

  • With SOE function

  • AIM-M200 hospital isolated power systems are designed with the insulation fault-locating function

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