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Acrel ADL100-EY single phase prepaid energy meter and ADL300-EY three phase prepaid energy meter are respectively used to measure single phase and three phase AC active energy with rated frequency of 50Hz, and have functions such as pre-paid control, load control, time control and RS485 communication. Rail type installation, 4G/NB multiple networking options available.

ADL Series Prepayment Energy Meter For Sale

ADL Series Prepayment Energy Meter support remote power sales, remote control, support infrared, energy analysis and query.

ADL Series Prepayment Energy Meter Datasheet

Technical parameterADL100-EYADL300-EY
VoltageReference voltage220V3×220/380V
Reference frequency50Hz
Consumption<4VA(Each phase)
CurrentInput current10(60)A1(6)A ,10(80)A
Starting currentConnect directly: 0.004 Ib, connect via CT: 0.002In
Consumption<4VA (Maximum current)
Measurement performanceAccuracy of measuring1 Class0.5s Class
Clock accuracyError ≤0.5s/d
Active pulsePulse width80ms±20ms
Pulse constant1600imp/kWh6400imp/kWh,400 imp/kWh
Connection modeShielded twisted pair conductors
Mechanical performanceOutline (Length × Width × Height)72mm×88mm×70mm144mm×88mm×70mm
Maximum wiring ability (flexible cable)25mm2
Work environmentWork temperature-25℃~55℃
Storage Temperature-40℃~70℃
Relative humidity≤95%(No condensation)

Function nameADL100-EYADL300-EYFunction provide
Measurement of kWhTotal active energy kWh (positive and negative in total)
Measurement of electrical parametersU、I 、P、Q、S、PF、F
Pre-paid modeThrough RS485 communication prepaid recharge, data encryption
ControlBuilt-in high-capacity sub-holding relay to achieve load on-off control
LCD display8 bits section LCD display
CommunicationCommunication interface: RS485, Communication protocol: MODBUS-RTU
Multi-tariff4 tariff rates, 14 time interval by day4 tariff rates, 14 time interval by day□F

How Does A ADL Series Prepayment Energy Meter Work?

How Does A ADL Series Prepayment Energy Meter Work?

ADL series prepayment energy meter through measuring the rated frequency of 50Hz single, three-phase AC active energy, with prepayment control, load control, time control and RS485 communication and other functions, to help consumers track their own electricity work, can be free according to their own electricity recharge. It will also remind you when the amount is insufficient based on the customer's past spending history, and automatically power off when the amount is used up, just like a mobile phone.

ADL Series Prepayment Energy Meter FAQs

  • The difference between a prepaid meter and a metered meter.

    Metering instruments focus on A variety of power data measurement, power parameter measurement and analysis, power quality measurement, etc. The focus of prepayment table is charging, alarm, control trip and so on.

  • Why is this generation divided into card and internal control meters?

    The internal control instrument supports remote recharge, which reduces manpower and maintenance costs and improves user experience.

  • The reason for using wireless prepaid.

    The need of market development. Point scattered, middle equipment is difficult to arrange or the cost is very high.

  • What happens when the prepaid meter runs out

    If the electricity charge runs out, the pre-paid meter will automatically disconnect.like running out of money on your phone

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