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  • ​AMC100-ZA AC Multi Channel Energy Meter
  • ​AMC100-ZA AC Multi Channel Energy Meter

Acrel AMC100-ZA AC Multi Channel Energy Meter

AMC16Z series AC precision power distribution monitoring device is specially designed for data center server power management.The device designed exquisite, can provide A + B 2 incoming and 96 outgoing’s electrical parameters, the input and output switch and the state of lightning protection device with real-time monitoring. All alarm threshold of measurement channels can be set in separate. Over-outgoing triggers system acoustooptic warning immediately. Highly integrated monitoring loop is realized in the volume of traditional instruments.

Parameters of AMC100-ZA AC Multi Channel Energy Meter

Instrument modelAMC100-ZA
Measurement parametersVoltage, current, frequency, active power, reactive power, power factor, active energy, reactive energy, Zero-to-ground voltage, leakage current and zero sequence current, total harmonic content (THD), 2-63 harmonics, current and voltage unbalance, ambient
temperature and humidity
Bus voltageRated220VAC
Measuring range±20%
OverloadInstantaneous voltage 2 times/sec
Current incoming circuitRatedSecondary 5A
OverloadContinuous 1.2 times, instantaneous 10 times/sec
Temperature and humidityTemperature Range-40℃~+99℃
Humidity Range20%~90%
Input frequencyAC45~65Hz
Measurement accuracyIncoming lineVoltage/current level 0.2, active power/energy level 0.5, reactive power/energy level 1
Auxiliary powerAMC100-ZA: signal to take power (≤15W) AMC100-ZA-P220: 220V independent power supply AMC100-ZA-P24: 24V independent power supply
EnvironmentTemperatureWork: -20℃~150℃ Storage: -25℃~70℃
HumidityRelative humidity≤93%
Switch output4 channels 3A 250VAC/3A 30VDC
Switch input8 dry nodes
Communication1 isolated RS485/Modbus-RTU to the background system 1 RS485/Modbus-RTU to touch screen
1 RS485/Modbus-RTU connection downstream module Optional 1-channel Ethernet communication function
Installation MethodDIN35mm rail or bottom plate installation
Protection levelIP20
Pollution level2
SecurityInsulationThe insulation resistance between all terminals and the conductive parts of the shell is not less than 100MΩ
Withstand voltageA voltage and current signal//B voltage and current signal//switch output//isolated communication port//between other ports meet AC2kV 1min, switch input and other ports should meet AC0.5kV 1min, leakage current Should be less than 2mA, no breakdown or flashover phenomenon.
Electromagnetic compatibilityAnti-static interferenceLevel 4
Anti-electric fast transient burstLevel 3
Anti-surge interferenceLevel 4
Resistance to radio frequency electromagnetic field
Level 3

Video of Multi Circuit Metering

Benefits of AMC100-ZA AC Multi Channel Energy Meter

  • designed specifically for power management of data center servers
  • A+B independent 2 channels three-phase inlet

  • U, I, P, Q, S, PF, kWh, kvarh

  • 2nd-63rd  Harmonic

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