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Data Center Monitor

Acrel based on customer needs, we integrate the characteristics of data center operation and maintenance, from the bottom monitoring of equipment to management, and then to the overall operation and maintenance process management. We use data mining, processing, computing and other means to efficiently coordinate and schedule all kinds of work and provide data center monitoring solutions for data center customers

Data Center Monitor For Sale

Data Center Monior is very necessary to make sure data stability and security. Acrel data center products provide mulit circuits monitor and busway temperature monitor which will Reduce the cost of operation and maintenance and timely alarm when Abnormal condition happen, This ensures the normal operation of the data center.

What Are the Benefits of Data Center Monitoring ?

Improving Uptime

Health polling combined with thresholds, alerts, and notifications can help you identify and address potential issues - before they lead to costly, unplanned downtime.

  • Save time, personnel productivity and cost

    The monitoring system of the data center displays the monitoring data of each cabinet and each loop on the display or monitoring platform. O&m personnel do not need to check the status of each cabinet.

  • Identify problems in time

    By monitoring the data center, the system receives an alarm message when an exception occurs, so that o&M personnel can view and maintain the cabinet that alarms

  • Security and stability

    Through our intelligent monitoring of the busway in the data center, the temperature of each node of the busway can be monitored in real time, so as to reduce the occurrence of accidents and reduce losses


How Does Data Center Monitoring Work?

  • AMC Precision power distribution monitoring solution is designed and developed to meet the monitoring requirements of precision power distribution cabinets (column head cabinets), including AC and DC (DC-48V, DC240V, DC336V) systems, which are divided into multi-loop acquisition modules, transformers, touch screens, accessories, etc.

  • AMB intelligent busway monitor consists of two parts: initial box detection module and plug box detection module. It integrates the measurement of conventional power parameters, as well as the electric energy monitoring and assessment management, and has the online alarm function and can run independently from the system. The bus interface temperature can be monitored in real time. The monitoring data can be easily and reliably uploaded to the touch screen of the main control box for centralized monitoring by modbus-RTU protocol to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the system.


Why Data Center Monitoring Is Essential?

The equipment in the data center room is worth tens of thousands, and it is necessary to monitor the operation of these equipment.

  • Real-time display of the working status and operating parameters of the monitored on-site monitoring equipment

  • It can remotely turn on/off the monitored equipment on the monitoring site, and remotely adjust the configuration parameters of the monitoring equipment online.

  • According to the rules of alarm confirmation, shielding and printing, sound and light can prompt each alarm, and the alarm can be processed automatically.

  • The alarm information can be notified to the relevant personnel, including on-site sound and light alarm, telephone, mobile phone text message or E-mail, etc.

  • Record various monitoring parameters of the data center room, and provide functions such as query, statistics, and reports.

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