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Acrel ASJ Series Residual Current Relay can be combined with low-voltage circuit breakers or low-voltage contactors to form a combined residual current protective device. It is mainly suitable for TT or TN system distribution lines with AC 50Hz and rated voltage of 400V and below. Equipment and electrical fire accidents, and can also be used to provide indirect contact protection against personal electrical shock hazards.

ASJ Series Residual Current Relay For Sale

A/AC Tpye residual current measurement, ten kinds of rated residual operating current can be set, ten kinds of limit non-driving time can be set, tow groups of relay output.

ASJ Series Residual Current Relay Data Sheet

technical parameterindex
Type ACType A
inputRated residual actioncurrent I△n0.03、0.1、0.3、0.5(A)0.03、0.05、0.1、0.3、0.5、1、3、5、10、30(A)
Non-driving time oflimitation △t0.1、0.5(s)0、0.06、0.1、0.2、0.3、0.5、0.8、1、4、10(s)
Rated residualnon-action current I△no50%I△n50%Ian
performancecharacteristicssimple sinusoidal alternating currentsimple sinusoidal alternating current andpulsating direct current
action error-20%~-10%lan-20%~-10%Ian
outputoutput modeone is the normal closing and the otheris for the transformationone is the normal closing or opening, andthe other is for the transformation
contact capacity5A 250VAC
5A 30VDC
AL1:8A250VAC5A 30VDC
AL2:6A250VAC5A 30VDC
reset modetheon-the-spotoneand the long-distanceone,the on-the-spot one, the long-distance oneand the automatic one
power supplyvoltage rangeAC110V、AC220V(permissibleerror±10%)AC110V、AC220V、DC85-270Vpermissible error±10%)
power dissipation≤5W
power frequency withstand voltageThe effective value of alternating current between the power supply, input and output: 2kV/Imin
under thenormaloperationtemperatureoperating temperature:-20℃~+55℃storage temperature:-30℃~+70℃
humidity≤95%RH,with moisture condensation,and corrosive gas place
height above sea level≤2000m
class of pollutionGrade three
installation categoryType III

How Does Residual Current Device Work?

How Does Residual Current Device Work?

Acrel Residual Current Device Using 32-bit high-performance CPU, real-time sampling of three-phase AC current and three-phase AC voltage signals, and using the effective value calculation method to achieve high-precision measurement in a wide frequency range. Integrated with a variety of protection functions, the protection can be put in or out, alarmed or tripped with a simple selection; high precision, low power consumption, fast action, high return coefficient, no jitter, and can be used for voltage monitoring (voltage type: Such as relay protection of generators, transformers and transmission lines, etc.) or current monitoring (current type: such as in overload and short-circuit protection lines of motors, transformers and transmission lines), as overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, Blocking action element or starting element for undercurrent, overfrequency, underfrequency protection.

ASJ Series Residual Current Relay FAQs

  • The wire of three phase dand four wire is very thick. Can a measuring sensor be fitted to each phase, and four sensor secendary be passed through small hole size wires. Then connect the residual current relay?

    Not recommended. By this plan, at the moment of starting the high-power and high-frequency equipment, the vector sum of the output current of three-phase four-wire measurement transformer is not zero (directly measured is 0), which can easily lead to malfunction and tripping.

  • Can open-type residual current transformers be used in the renovation project?

    For reconstruct projects, if the wire diameter of the line is less than 100mm, open-type residual current transformers can be used. It is not recommended to use open-type residual current transformers larger than this aperture, because the measurement accuracy of the large aperture sensor is poor.

  • Why does the residual current relay operate as soon as it is powered on?

    Reason one may be wiring error; Another may be wrong product selection.

  • After power-off the ASJ residual current relay, the breaker will trip-out. What's the reason for this phenomenon?

    This phenomenon is that the breaker will trip-out after the protected power supply is cut off; the other is to protect the line when undergoing dual power switching.ASJ series residual current relay is the type that automatically recovers and resets when the auxiliary power fails. According above-mentioned conditions, the instrument can be selected as the type that does not automatically act when the power fails.

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