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Acrel ANet Series Smart Gateway is an embedded hardware computer platform with multiple downlink communication interfaces and one or more uplink network interfaces. As a bridge between the acquisition terminal and the platform system in the information acquisition system, it can The protocol carries out data collection and summary of equipment terminals such as water meters, gas meters, electricity meters, and computer protection, and uses the corresponding protocols to forward the data of field equipment to the platform system.

ANet Series Smart Gateway For Sale

Powerful computing power, powerful storage capacity, multiple communication interfaces, multiple communication protocols, stable operation, safe and reliable.

ANet Series Smart Gateway Data Sheet

Technical DataANet-1E2S1
Power VoltageAC 85V~265 V
Power Consumption≤10W
Processing elementARM32 digit Free scale ARM9 i.MX2x 454MHz
Inner board memory64MB DDR2 internal memory+128MB NAND Flash+8G SD Card Electronic hard disk
Serial interfaceTwo channels coupling isolation RS485
Ethernet interface1 channel 10/100 self-adaption capacity
SD card interfaceSupports SDMMC memory cards of not less than 512 M, supports hot-plug and plug-and-play breakpoints to continue data storage
SafetyPower frequency withstand voltage: AC 2kV 1min between communication terminal and auxiliary power supply
Insulation resistance: input, output to shape>100MQ
EnvironmentWorking Temperature:-20C~+55 C
Storage Transport Temperature:-25 C~+70C
Relative Humidity:s95%(+25C)
EMC TestingIEC61000-4-2 ESD immunity test Class 4
IEC61000-4-4 Resistance test of electric fast transient pulse group Class 4
IEC61000-4-5 Surge(shock) immunity test Class 4
IEC61000-4-6 Conductive disturbance immunity of RF field induction Class 3
ConfigurationC/S architecture ANetCM configuration management software, open template management, plain text or excel engineering information management
Fast updateANetOS provides 1-3 seconds extreme speed configuration update 3-7 seconds firmware upgrade update
f the error configuration is updated, the loss-proof algorithm automatically returns the device to the pre-update configuration statewithin 3-5 seconds
If the upgrade has a problem firmware, the damage prevention algorithm automatically returns the device to the pre-upgrade statewithin 5-10 seconds
Network communication modeSocket mode, support XML format compression upload, provide AES encryption and MD5 identity authentication and other security requirements
Data acquisition cycleSecond level custom configuration
Automatic upload cycleSecond, minute custom configuration, depending on the upload protocol
ProtocolIn addition to the general standard protocol, it can support the customized development of non-standard protocol on acquisition sideand host computer
On time with upper PCKeeping in sync with upper PC in real time
Break point continuesReal-time detection, upload failure to automatically save the data to be transmitted, including 8G SD Card, to support externalstorage media plug and play and space expansion, network recovery data to be automatically uploaded
Historical Inventory(Break point continues)Storing the history library according to the automatic upload cycle, Can customize the history database data save days, due first in first out, Storage space automatic anti-overflow near-overflow first in first out
Protocol supportGBT19582-2008(Modbus、ModbusTCP)、DLT645-1997、DLT645-2007、CJT188-2004、IEC60870-5(101、103、104)MQTT、Support HTTP(s)、XML、Json forwarding format etc.

Advantages Of Smart Gateway

Advantages Of Smart Gateway
  • Double wide voltage(DC/AC 85~265V) with opposite connection protection

  • Support 2G/3G/4G/LR

  • Support local and remote maintenance, data monitoring in real time

  • Max.64 sets devices can be connected, support device with Modbus RTU

  • Support breakpoint continuation, Xml, Json for data transmit.

  • Support standard 8GB SD card(Max.32GB)

  • Multiple alarm setting for each device.

ANet Series Smart Gateway FAQs

  • What do ANet smart gateway mean letters ‘E’ and ‘S’?

    E means network interface, S means serial interface. For exanple, ANet-2E8S1, it has 2 network interfaces, 8 serial interfaces, more details refers to instruction.

  • What kind communication protocol can be connected with ANet smart gateway?

    Gateway can gather device data with protocol Modbus RTU, DLT/645, CJT18 etc.

  • How many devices can be connected with ANet smart gateway?

    Generally,one gateway can connected with 32 pcs devices

  • Which sorts communication operators can be supported in ANet smart gateway with 4G?

    Mobile communicaion operators,Unicom operators.Telecom operators they support 2G and 4G. meanwhile, Private network APN is accepted as well.

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