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  • energy meter wireless
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  • wireless electricity monitor
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Acrel ADW300 Wireless Energy Meter

ADW300 wireless energy meter is mainly used to measure three-phase active electric energy of low-voltage network, with RS485 communication and 470MHz wireless communication function, which is convenient for users to monitor, collect and manage electricity consumption.

Acrel ADW300 can be flexibly installed in the distribution box to realize the measurement, statistics and analysis of sub-item electric energy of different regions and different loads

  • Measurement: 3 Phase voltage, current, power, power factor, etc.

  • Communication: RS485, LoRa, 4G, WIFI, LoRaWan

  • Max demand measure

  • Accuracy: Class 1.0

Parameters of ADW300 Wireless Energy Meter

Voltage inputRated voltage3×57.7/100V,3×220/380V,3×380/660V,3×100V,3×380V,3×660V
Consumption<0.5VA (Each phase)
Current inputInput current3×1(6)A;3×1(6)A(ADW300w),3×20(100A(ADW300W)
Start current1%. Ib(Class 0.5S),4% Ib(Class 1)
Consumption<1VA (Each phase)
Auxiliary powerPower SupplyAC 85~265V
Power consumption<2W
Measurement performanceStandardIEC62053-22:2003,IEC62053-21:2003
Active energyaccuracyClass 0.5S (ADW300),Class 1(ADW300W)
PulseWidth of pulse80±20ms
Pulse constant6400imp/kWh,400imp/kWh
CommunicationWirelessTransmission on 470MHz and maximum distance in open space is Ikm;2G;NB;4G
Infrared interfaceThe constant baud rate is 1200
RS485 interfaceRS485(A、B)
Connection modeShielded twisted pair conductors

Display modeLCD
Energy measurementActive kWh(positive and negative),quadrant reactivepower energy
Electrical measurementU、I、P、Q、S、PF、F
Harmonic functionTHDv、Harmonic on 2nd-31st
Three-phase unbalance degreeVoltage unbalance,current unbalance
Temperature measurementTemperature of A/B/C/N(Alternate configuration:T)
leakage current1 channel residual current measurement
DI/DO4DI,2DO(Alternate configuration.K)
External current transformerExternal open type current transformer(Alternate configuration:W)
Electrical parameter AlarmUndervoltage, undercurrent,overcurrent,underload,etc
CommunicationInfrared communication
RS485(Alternate configuration.C)
Wireless transmission on 470MHz(Alternate configuration: LR)
GPRS(Alternate configuration:2G)
NB-IOT(Alternate configuration:NB)
4G(Alternate configuration.4G)
WIFI(Alternate configuration.WIFI)

Diagram of ADW300 Wireless Energy Meter

There are four modes of connection like 3-phase 4-wire (current connected via CT), 3-phase 3-wire (current connected via CT), 3-phase 4-wire (current connected via PT and CT) and 3-phase -wire (current connected via PT and CT).Two-way Digital output and four-way Digital input.Record the historical data on electricity consumption covering previous 12 months.Supports LORA, 2G, NB, and 4G communications

ADW300 Wireless Energy Meter Smart Power Meter Monitor

Benefits of ADW300 Wireless Energy Meter

  • 4G, LoRa, WIFI wireless communication

  • Small volume, easy installation

  • Switch,temperature function optional

  • External open type current transformer

Use of ADW300 Wireless Energy Meter


  • Remote meter reading of the powerDistribution box

  • Matched with IOT energy management system

  • Connect to power operation and maintenance cloud platform

  • Suitable for electricity monitoring of reconstruction projects

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