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Smart Gateway

Acrel smart geteway currently include AWT100 wireless communication terminal, ANet smart gateway. these products mainly realizes the function of the Internet of Things, and collects and uploads various forms of energy data of water, electricity, gas, oil, cold and heat to a specific platform.

Acrel Smart Gateway For Sale

Wireless communication, Real-time monitoring, Remote monitoring and control, IOT.

How Does Wireless Smart Gateway Work?

Acrel smart gateway is mainly used to assist RS485/lora equipment in networking. By transmitting communication data between RS485 signals and wireless signals, the wireless communication of common RS485/lora equipment is completed and the IOT function is realized. Reduce the construction cost and transformation time of the user's communication network, the product has the advantages of small size, stable communication, long transmission distance, convenient installation, etc.

What Is The Difference Between Smart Gateway And A Router?

  • Communication

    The gateway can be 3G, 4G and WiFi, etc., with various forms of communication. There are only two ways to use the router, Ethernet and 3G.

  • Functional aspects

    The gateway is mainly used for industrial equipment, which has high usage cost and higher maintenance and debugging cost, but it is very efficient for data collection and management. Routers don't have this feature.

  • Network structure

    The gateway can transmit data in a variety of ways, and the router can only connect to the monitoring place with a stable IP and domain name through the 3G network.

  • Stable performance

    The gateway is more stability, it is not easy to fail, and it is very stable in use. but router has many types.

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