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In terms of the proportion of total energy consumption, industrial energy consumption occupies the main position. In industry, due to the restriction of volume and type of equipment, the process system is characterized by dispersion. The number of equipment is numerous and the type of equipment is complex. Based on the above characteristics, it is difficult to manage industrial equipment. Scientific management tools are needed to improve the management efficiency of equipment and reduce the management pressure of staff.

With the development of society, there are a lot of buildings in the commercial field today. For these crowded places, energy monitoring and power distribution security issues are particularly important. Jiangsu Acrel Electrical Manufacturing Co., LTD provides a variety of solutions for these places, helping companies in the commercial field to develop safely.

With the development of the education industry, more and more people are concerned about the safety of students and electricity management. Acrel power monitoring, prepaid and other systems help the education industry to better manage. Meanwhile, the medical industry is also increasingly concerned about hospital safety risks that patients encounter while in the hospital, Acrel has come up with a solution Medical Isolation Power Supply System. help hospitals improve electricity safety.

With the rapid development of the Internet industry, the market size of data centers and tower base stations around the world is getting larger and larger. Therefore, monitoring of data centers and tower base stations is also necessary. Through real-time monitoring, problems can be dealt with in a timely manner, so as to avoid accidents. Acrel can provide suitable solutions for these places.

Global climate problem is increasingly serious in recent years, the greenhouse effect, as a result of excessive carbon dioxide emissions began to attract people's attention, so comprehensive, global developing clean, non-polluting, renewable energy technologies, as an important part of the energy development strategy, in order to solve the existing problems in the traditional energy consumption. So Acrel came out with Photovoltaic system solutions and Charging Pile Energy Management System Solution.