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Application of Acrel Programmable Power Meter in Lao PDR

This article introduces the application of the multi-function energy meter in a project in Lao PDR. AMC series AC multi-function meter is a smart meter designed for power monitoring needs of power systems, industrial and mining enterprises, utilities, and intelligent buildings.

1. Project Overview

A project in Lao PDR required a batch of multi-function and programmable power meters. After comparing various aspects, Denmark customers thought that our AMC series programmable power meters are rich in functions, easy to install, and cost-effective, so they decided to use our power meters.

2. product presentation

AMC series meters integrate the measurement of full-electric parameters, such as single-phase or three-phase current, voltage, active power, reactive power, apparent power, frequency, power factor. It also has functions of energy statistics, event records, harmonic measurement and network communications.

3. Model Description

Application of Acrel Programmable Power Meter in Lao PDR

4. Function

TypeFunctionOptionalOption Group

Three-phase power meter

Display: LCD

I, U, kW, kvar, KVA, kWh, kvarh, Hz, cos中


1Ep pluse output

/H: THDi, THDu, 2-31st harmonic

/SOE: Event record

/2M: 2 analog output

(When 2M is selected, the switching function is 2DV2DO)


5. Technical Parameters

Technical Parameter




3 phase 4 wire




Rating: AC 100V,400V

Overload: 1 2 times rated value(continuous); 2 times rated value(1 second)

Power consumption: < 0.5VA


Rating: AC 1A,5A

Overload: 1.2 times rated value(continuous); 10 times rated value (1 second)

Power consumption: < 0.5VA



Pulse width: 80±20ms

Pulse constant: 10000, 40000, 160000 imp/kWh



FunctionSwitching input2 channels or 4 channels passive contact input mode
Switching output|

Output mode: 2 channel relay NO contact output

Analog output

Contact capacity: 3A/30V DC, 3A/250V AC, 0~5V,0~20mA, 4~ 20mA programmable


Frequency: 0.05Hz, current, voltage: class 0.2, reactive power: class 1.0, reactive energy: class 1.0, other: class 0.5, 2~31st harmonic±1%

Auxiliary power supply

AC/DC 85~265V

Power consumption


Insulation resistance



Operating: -10°C~+55°C Storage: -25°C ~+75°C


≤93%(no condensation)


6. Network Topology

Application of Acrel Programmable Power Meter in Lao PDR

7. Installation Picture

Application of Acrel Programmable Power Meter in Lao PDR

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