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What Are The Advantages Of Acrel' Static Reactive Power Generators?

Realization Of Dynamic Compensation Of Reactive Power

Asynchronous motors, induction furnaces and large-capacity rectifier equipment in the distribution system can be inductive in operation, requiring a large amount of reactive power, which increases the power loss on the power supply line and reduces the voltage quality, while the reactive current also reduces the effective utilization rate of power generation, transmission and supply equipment. The static reactive power generator can follow the change of load reactive power and realize the dynamic compensation of reactive power, so that the line loss is reduced to the lower limit and the utilization rate of generation, transmission and power supply equipment is fully improved.

Effective Maintenance Of Load-Side Voltage

For the load center, due to the large capacity of the load and the lack of large reactive power support, it is easy to cause low voltage or even voltage collapse problem accidents. The fast reactive power adjustment function of Ankorui's static reactive power generator device can effectively maintain the load-side voltage and improve the voltage stability of the power supply system.

Improve Line Transmission Capacity

The installation of static reactive power generators at the midpoint of long-distance transmission lines not only compensates the reactive power of the line in normal conditions, but also provides timely and rapid reactive power regulation in case of system faults, damping system oscillations and improving transmission system stability, thus effectively increasing the transmission capacity of the line.

Simultaneous Management Of A Variety Of Common Power Quality Problems

Ankerys' static reactive power generator device can simultaneously manage many common power quality problems in the distribution network, such as three-phase imbalance, voltage flicker and power factor overrun, improving the quality of power supply to the network, ensuring safe and reliable operation of customer equipment, reducing energy consumption and improving efficiency.