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Jiangsu Acrel Electrical Manufacturing Co., LTD.

Warmly Welcome Malaysian Customers to Acrel for Technical Exchanges

On December 5th, 2023, at 3:00 p.m., Mr. LAU KIAN HUA, from a Malaysian general contracting company, together with his technical consultant, Mr. Yayan Yogo Santoso, came to Acrel for a visit to the showroom and the intelligent production workshop, as well as for a technical exchange. They visited our showroom and the production workshop immediately after arriving in the afternoon of December 5.


In the energy meter production workshop, the director Mr. Shen gave a detailed explanation from the SMT workshop on the first floor to the finished product warehouse on the third floor, in order to make the customers see more intuitively how an energy meter goes from a PCB board to a finished product. The customers have experienced the convenience of intelligent production lines. Here, Mr. Yayan Yogo Santoso from Indonesia, praised many times for our diversified production methods.




On December 6th, in Jiangsu Acrel Microgrid Institute, at No. 9 Xincheng Road, the engineer in charge of the software Mr. Zhuang Feng, explained our overseas Energy Internet of Things platform software, so that customers can understand the specific functions of our IOT platform. At the same time, engineer Zhuang also instructed customers on how to debug the platform.


On December 7th, engineer Sheng, who is professional in hardwares, explained the various types of Acrel energy meters like the din-rail type and panel-mounted type, as well as the various protocols supported by the smart energy meters. Engineer Sheng also guided the customers to operate and set up the parameters by themselves.


On the fourth day of the customer's visit, engineer Ren explained our intelligent miniature circuit breaker and made a live demonstration, while engineer Sheng also explained the battery monitoring system and made a live simulation circuit.


On December 11th, we made an Q&A for our customers. After several days of visits and meetings, they presented many requirements, all of which our engineers made positive response to. The week-long customer training reception was successfully completed, and the customer highly recognized the team of Acrel.