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The Role and Usage Precautions of Hall Current Transducer

The role of Hall current sensor

Role in power frequency harmonic analyzer

In the power system, the harmonic content of the grid is generally tested using a power frequency harmonic analyzer. In order to transform the measured voltage and current into voltage suitable for computer sampling, people have compared the sampling devices of various power frequency harmonic analyzers, such as current transformers, voltage transformers, resistance sampling, and optocoupler circuits with Hall electrical current sensors, and the results show that Hall current sensors are most suitable.

Role in switch power supply

Switching power supply, a modern device that transforms the non-stable AC voltage of the power grid into stable DC voltage output. Both voltage-controlled and current-controlled switching power supplies use pulse width modulation to maintain constant-voltage output by utilizing the proportion relationship between the drive pulse width and the output voltage amplitude. The sampling, sensing, and other width-varying pulse voltage or current required for this purpose are all completed using current and voltage sensors. With its wide bandwidth, fast response time, and easy installation, hall current sensors have become the preferred choice for current and voltage sensors.

Role in high current detection

In metallurgy, chemical industry, superconductors, and high-energy physics (such as controllable nuclear fusion) experimental devices, there are many super large-scale electrical equipment. Using a multi-Hall probe-made current sensor to measure and control large currents can meet the requirements of accurate measurements, avoid insertion losses, and eliminate expensive test equipment that would be required when using a Rogowski coil.

Used as electromagnetic isolation coupler

By using the working principle of Hall electrical current sensors, it can be made into an electromagnetic coupler. The output of the Hall device is controlled by the current of the primary coil to control other circuits using this output signal, achieving both isolation and coupling effects. This kind of circuit can be used to make Hall effect relays, overload protectors, and protection switches for communication lines. This kind of electromagnetic coupler can be made into both a switch and an analog output.

Precautions for using Hall current transducer

  • Be careful when wiring to avoid impact on the exposed conductive parts of the terminal. Only engineers with professional construction experience can wire this product. The power supply, input, and output connection wires must be connected correctly and cannot be misplaced or reversed, otherwise, it may cause product damage.

  • The installation and use environment of Hall current transducer products should be free of conductive dust and corrosion.

  • Severe vibration or high temperature may also cause product damage, and attention must be paid to the use occasion.