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IoT Meter System To Help You Achieve Remote Management

In the past, the traditional manual management of electricity meters existed difficult to charge, the old rascals default electricity bills; financial reconciliation trouble; high management costs, high proportion of manual management; remote intelligent control is difficult, special circumstances, can not be remote valve control; equipment fault troubleshooting difficult, difficult to repair; inflexible electricity price settings and other problems, long plagued the electricity administrator. Now with the emergence of IOT meter system, remote management has been able to easily the above problems, here to see how the IOT meter system helps users to achieve remote management it!

Iot Meter System Supports Remote Bill Payment

The system supports a variety of payment methods, including APP payment, WeChat payment, self-service terminal payment and manual payment. Users do not have to limit the manual way to the property to pay the electricity bill, you can use the cell phone WeChat, Alipay remote payment of water bills anywhere, anytime and also real-time query power, payment and other data information, convenient and fast.

Multi-Dimensional Data Statistical Analysis Function Of Iot Meter System

The  Iot energy management system will organize and store the meter data, cost data and user data, and analyze them through multi-dimensional system and present them in the form of curve and chart, which is comprehensive, clear and easy to understand.

Reminding And Warning Function Of Iot Meter System

The system monitors the usage of power supply in real time. If there is insufficient electricity bill, arrears, electricity theft, property notice, etc., the system reminds, notifies and warns by SMS, APP, WeChat public number and other channels, and if it is arrears or electricity theft, it will automatically trip the alarm to avoid bad consequences.

Report Management Function Of Iot Electricity Meter System

The system can provide multiple reports such as daily, monthly and yearly meter freeze data, electricity bill report, tripping data and abnormal alarm. Electricity managers and users can grasp the electricity consumption situation in a clear and systematic way.

File Management Function Of Iot Electricity Meter System

The system can store area information, meter file, charging plan, alarm plan and user information in the cloud, so the data is safe and not easy to be lost, and the electricity manager can retrieve relevant file information at any time to check.