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Feasibility Analysis of Electrical Current Sensors in Relay Protection

Introduction of electrical current sensors

In the process of continuous development of electrical current sensors, the second generation of electrical current sensors is more widely used in practical applications. The second generation of electrical current sensors is a three-terminal active integrated device. It has a buffer, a current mirror, and a current model on the basis of the previous generation. Through effective integration of new and old technologies, the dynamic range has been improved. At the same time, the circuit structure is simple, the operation speed is high, and the power consumption is low. Therefore, if the current transducer is recombined with other electronic devices, other circuit structures can be formed to achieve widespread application of electrical current sensors and design analog circuits of better performance.

Feasibility of current transducer in relay protection

In the continuous development process of the power industry, the requirement for the power system is getting higher and higher. However, traditional sensors have many problems and shortcomings when they are used. For example, the structure of the insulation material used in the past is relatively complex, and the volume is relatively large, and the cost is also relatively high. The emergence of electrical current sensors provides some technical support to change this phenomenon. Electrical current sensors have broad application prospects and are one of the main directions for the development of power technology in the future. Electrical current sensors have a great function in monitoring the entire power system and have a certain influence on the automation of equipment in the power system. The newly developed sensors overcome the shortcomings of traditional sensors, such as large quality and volume, weak anti-interference ability and so on, optimize the safe operation of the power system, and save the operating costs of the power system.

In the process of development of computer technology and control technology, the relay protection device in the power operation system has also reached the requirement of microcomputer control, and the relay protection control equipment is becoming more and more miniaturized. This also requires corresponding changes in the related device interfaces to meet the requirements of the relay protection equipment for the interface. The current transducer is just meeting the above requirements. Compared with other control equipment, electrical current sensors have significant advantages. In addition to meeting the basic equipment connection requirements, they have excellent compatibility and simplicity. They are more cost-effective than traditional devices, and using the current transducer for relay protection meets the technical requirements and can be promoted and used.