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Acrel at CCLE China Campus Logistics Exhibition


The China Campus Logistics Exhibition, abbreviated as "CCLE Education Logistics Exhibition". The exhibition focuses on campus logistics management services, displaying exhibits in various aspects such as campus safety, smart catering, energy management, environmentally friendly furniture, and campus informatization, as well as carrying out various services by organizing national forums and conferences in the field of campus education logistics. It aims to create a comprehensive campus service platform that integrates exhibition and display, learning and communication, supply and demand links and trade cooperation, leading the transformation of education logistics management, assisting in the upgrading campus management services, enhancing the guarantee capability of campus management services, and promoting the modernization of educational logistics in the new era.


From April 10th to 12nd, 2023, Acrel (300286. SZ), as a high-tech joint-stock enterprise that provides energy efficiency management and electricity safety solutions for enterprise micro-grids, appeared at the A021 booth of CCLE Education Logistics Exhibition. Acrel has always played a crucial role in improving energy efficiency and energy safety, ensuring the safe use of energy for users. Acrel has been providing data services for school energy conservation, consumption reduction, and for realizing digital energy construction.

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