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Under the New Situation, How to Prevent Fires in New Energy Electrical Appliances?

In the context of sustainable development, the impact of new energy on social production at this stage is becoming more and more obvious, but the frequent occurrence of new energy electrical fires has become an important factor restricting the further development of new energy. This paper focuses on analyzing the related issues of new energy electrical fire prevention and new energy vehicle fire control ideas under the new situation, hoping to be helpful to the work of relevant personnel.

Ⅰ. Causes of new energy electrical fires

Internal equipment failure will lead to fire in new energy devices. From a technical point of view, due to the high technology content, there are often a large number of groups inside, and there are many interfaces between groups, which determines the new energy The probability of equipment failure increases. For example, many new energy equipment needs to be filled with lubricating oil, and due to the large number of interfaces, the lubricating oil inside the new energy equipment is easy to seep through the interface; at the same time, some equipment itself has quality problems, such as poor sealing effect and careless assembly. etc., will also lead to oil leakage. After the equipment between groups is soaked in lubricating oil, some parts will be damaged, which will lead to fire; the existence of thermal insulation sponge inside the electrical equipment, or oil pollution in the hydraulic system, etc., will aggravate the spread of the fire. A fire can cause huge losses.

Incorrect electrical installation will also become a cause of fire. As mentioned above, new energy device has a high technical content, so its installation is significantly more difficult than conventional energy electrical equipment. Therefore, during the installation of electrical equipment, because the construction personnel The technical errors and improper installation of the electrical equipment will lead to a series of problems such as poor contact and grounding faults during the operation of the electrical equipment, resulting in rapid changes in the temperature inside the electrical equipment, which will eventually cause a fire. At the same time, if there is a quality problem in the selection of the overload protection device of the new energy device, the unmatched overload protection device will be installed inside the electrical equipment, which will eventually lead to a fire in the electrical equipment.

Ⅱ. How to deal with new energy electrical fires?

1. Re-education of fire knowledge for all personnel is also an effective method to control new energy electrical fires, so that relevant personnel can be orderly in the face of fires, avoid fire losses from expanding, and even control fires in the bud. The main contents of fire education work include:

(1) Identification of fire sources. It is necessary to educate relevant personnel according to the actual situation of new energy devices, and explain the types of fires that may occur, such as the fires caused by lightning strikes, the fires caused by internal faults, etc. discrepancies and should therefore be noted by the staff.

(2) Let employees master the skills of fire handling. After a fire occurs, the disposal of on-site personnel becomes the key to controlling the development of the fire. Therefore, in fire education, it is necessary to let employees master the small skills of fire handling, such as how to use the fire extinguisher correctly, and if necessary, contact the local fire department. Hold fire drills to further deepen employees' understanding of fire control methods.

(3) Ensure that the charging facilities and equipment used in the motorcycle sheds and parking spaces of the community are regular products. At the same time, do a good job of publicity, and do not buy some cheap batteries without warranty.

2. The electrical fire monitoring cloud system launched by Acrel adopts self-developed residual current transformers, ARTM Series Temperature Monitor and electrical fire detectors, fault arc detectors and electrical fire current limiting protectors. (conductor temperature, current, residual current, fault arc, etc.) conduct uninterrupted data and statistical analysis, and push the various hidden danger information found to the school management personnel in time to guide the school to realize time investigation and management, to achieve potential electrical fires Hidden dangers, to achieve the purpose of "preventing problems before they occur".