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Data Center Scenario Application Solution - Header Cabinet

【Abstract】The article introduces the application solution of Acrel IDC power distribution header cabinet in the data center, and demonstrates the application possibility of Acrel IDC power distribution header cabinet in the terminal power distribution of the data center computer room.

【Key words】Data center;Intelligent monitoring system;header cabinet;Multi-loop monitoring

From the day the data center was born, high energy consumption has become a problem that the data center industry needs to solve. PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) is an indicator for evaluating the energy efficiency of a data center, and it is the ratio of all the energy consumed by the data center to the energy used by the IT load.

1、Status of Industry:

Various countries are becoming more and more strict on the PUE value of data center energy efficiency. For example, Shanghai, China, requires that the PUE value of new large-scale data centers should not be higher than 1.3, and the PUE value of new edge data centers should not be higher than 1.5, which will be reduced to below 1.25 by 2025. There is a long way to go to reduce PUE value.

Average Annual Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of Global Data Centers, 2007-2022

Data Center Scenario Application Solution - Header Cabinet


2、Industry Demand:

1. Real-time monitoring of the power distribution system of the data center, including mains supply incoming line, the operation status of the diesel generator, the oil level of the fuel tank, the electrical parameters of the transformer, and the electrical parameters of medium and low-voltage switchgear, etc;

2. Providing fast switching logic and automatic/remote operation of multiple mains supply and diesel generators to avoid long-term power outages;

3. Monitoring the contact temperature of medium and low-voltage power distribution circuits, including circuit breaker contacts or contact arms, busbars, cable connections, etc., to ensure stable power consumption;

4. Data center IT , UPS and other equipment generate large harmonics, which have certain requirements for reactive power compensation and harmonic control to improve energy efficiency;

5. Monitoring the operating status of large UPS, battery temperature, voltage, current, internal resistance; monitoring and alarming the concentration of combustible gas in the battery room and starting the exhaust;

6. Monitoring the operation status of IDC air conditioners, monitoring the status of temperature and humidity inside the computer room, flooding and water accumulation, smoke, video, and entrance guard;

7. Itemized statistics of total energy consumption, energy consumption of air conditioning and lighting, IT energy consumption (header cabinet/busway), etc., calculating PUE value of energy efficiency, and providing basis for energy consumption adjustment;

8. Monitoring and abnormal alarming the power supply circuits of the fire fighting equipment in the data center, and and linkage of fire doors, emergency lighting and evacuation indication systems;

9. The monitoring software adopts B/S structure, accesses the above monitoring data, provides data monitoring and abnormal alarm through WEB, APP or SMS, and can issue maintenance, inspection and emergency repair tasks through the system.

3、Solutions of Acrel

Data Center Scenario Application Solution - Header Cabinet

Acrel AMC IDC power distribution monitoring system can manage the current distribution and power distribution of the entire data center in real time, and can realize the monitoring for the electrical parameters of 4 incoming lines and 192 outgoing lines, the switch status of incoming and outgoing lines, temperature, leakage current, etc. And the number of outgoing measurement circuits can be flexibly increased or decreased according to user needs. The AMC IDC power distribution system adopts a multi-loop monitoring device, which can not only measure the three-phase current, voltage, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, and frequency of the incoming line, but also detect the current, active power, and power factor, power data, etc. of the outgoing line.

Data Center Scenario Application Solution - Header Cabinet

Data Center Scenario Application Solution - Header Cabinet


4、Product Selection

ModelAppearanceParameter Description




AC incoming line module



A+B independent 2-way:

180mm Width

Full electric parameter measurement, 63rd harmonic, neutral line current, zero-ground voltage

8DI4DO + 1way temperature and humidity

Ethernet (optional)

3 way RS485 (2-way uplink touch screen and power environment, 1-way downlink sub-module)

With DC24V voltage output, power supply for 3 branch modules + 1 touch screen



AC outgoing line module

AMC100-FAK48 & FAK30




A+B independent 2-way:

180mm/144mm Two Sizes

24 or 15 Circuits for full electric parameters on each side

48/30 ways active switch input

1 way RS485 Communication

Current transformers for IDC power 








Monitoring total & Mobile & Telecom & Unicom & Broadcasting and other communication equipment 

DC -48V Power Supply

Up to 12 channels of DC circuit access

4-way NTC temperature measurement, 1-way temperature and humidity

With ±12V output to power Hall sensors

RS485 Communication



DC incoming line module



A+B independent 2-way:


Full electric parameters measurement

8DI4DO+1way temperature and humidity

Ethernet (optional)

3-way RS485 (2-way uplink touch screen and power environment, 1-way downlink sub-module)

With DC24V voltage output, power supply for 3 branch modules + 1 touch screen



DC outgoing line module

AMC100-FDK48 & FDK30


A+B independent 2-side outlets:

180mm/144mm Two Sizes

24/15 Circuits for full electric parameters on both sides

48/30 active switch input

1 way RS485 Communication

It can also be used as a single-sided 48/30 outlets



Curent Hall Effect Sensor





Closed Type

0-5V Output

±15V Supply


Touch Screen




Display all detected electrical parameters and switch status, as well as some general alarms and configurations.

(hole size: 215*152, panel size: 226*163)



The IDC power distribution cabinet launched by our company is aimed at the energy end of the data center computer room, and comprehensively collects all energy data. It provides high-precision measurement data for the terminal energy monitoring system, reflect the power quality data in real time through the display unit, and upload the data to the background environment monitoring system through RS485 communication, so as to achieve real-time monitoring and operation quality management of the entire power distribution system,meeting the needs of most data centers.