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Application of Guide Rail Type DC Energy Meter in Charging Pile Industry

With more and more new energy vehicles, as the "refueling machine" of new energy vehicles, there are more and more charging piles, and the charging service market has formed a certain scale and pattern. The charging pile can realize timing, electricity meter, and amount charging, and can be used as a citizen's electricity purchase terminal. At the same time, in order to improve the efficiency and practicability of public charging piles, there are currently dual-gun dual-channel metering, fast charging and slow charging. Usually, there will be a DC power meter inside the charging pile to monitor the power consumption of each charging gun in real time.

1. The application of the background of the guide rail type DC energy meter

In the electric vehicle charging system, the charging pile converts the three-phase AC input power into the DC power required by the BMS by communicating with the vehicle battery management system, and connects a DC ammeter at the output side of the DC bus to measure the output power . The charging management controller reads the electric energy data of the DC energy meter, and controls the DC charging output, etc. The DC energy meter can be configured with a shunt or a Hall sensor to measure the charging energy.

The DC energy meter can be connected with the main control of the charging pile by means of communication, and the information of the electric meter can be read at the main control, and the charging situation can also be monitored according to the needs of users. The charging detection software of the DC energy meter can visually display the voltage, current, power, and electricity of the electric vehicle when it is fast-charging at the DC charging station, which is convenient for querying various data and checking the records of abnormal conditions.

2. Product introduction of rail type DC energy meter

Din-rail type DC energy meter with dual-channel DC input, mainly designed for applications such as DC charging piles, this series of meters can measure the voltage, current, power and forward and reverse electric energy in the DC system. In the actual use site, it can measure the total electric energy and the electric energy within a specified time period. The detection results can be used for local display, and can be connected with industrial control equipment and computers to form a measurement and control system.

3. Function introduction of rail type DC energy meter

The DC energy meter has the function of calendar, timing and leap year automatic conversion, and has the function of correcting time. Among them, the error of the clock issued by the broadcast shall not be greater than 5 minutes, and the time shall not be corrected within ten minutes before and after zero, and the time is only allowed to be corrected once a day. There are two sets of rate periods, and the automatic conversion of the two sets of rate periods can be realized through the preset time.

On the whole, the prospect of the new energy vehicle market is still promising, with huge development potential. With the construction of charging stations, the ratio of national new energy vehicles and charging piles has gradually become more reasonable. Although the layout of charging infrastructure is improving day by day, there are still some deficiencies compared with the number of new energy vehicles, and the growth will be accelerated in the future.