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Application of Current Transducer in Relay Protection

With the rapid development of science and technology, there are new requirements for the relay protection of the power grid as the level and pressure of the power grid continue to increase. In relay protection, it is required to have quick response to the transformer. Only in this way can the fault data information be reflected accurately, and the relay protection device can make the correct actions in the transient process. From the current level of technology, electrical current sensors can effectively respond to such problems.

Electrical current sensors and relay protection interface

Current transducer is a detection device in the power system, which can send the detected current information in a predetermined way, so as to meet the needs of storing, displaying, recording and controlling current information in the power system. When applied to relay protection, the electrical current sensor not only provides optical and electrical signals, but also combines them effectively. In the process of continuous development of science and technology, the new type of current transducer adds output ports, and adds electronic modules on the basis of the original technology. This is conducive to expanding the application and promotion of relay protection, and also reduces the weight of the current transmitter and enhances the efficiency of use.

The impact of electrical current sensors on relay protection

The impact of current transducer on relay protection mainly includes the following aspects. Firstly, it promotes the discussion on circuit protection. Nowadays, there are many relay protection products in the electrical market, and their working principles are also diversified. The basic working principle is filtering, which will cause delay and consume a lot of power resources. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of current in the power system, it is necessary to scientifically and systematically analyze the faults and protect the high-speed operation of the circuit. Secondly, the current transducer can improve the reliability of relay protection. In the past, many situations could not make the relay protection device make the correct actions based on the limitations of the electrical current sensor itself, which caused imbalance. However, the capacity of the new type of electrical current sensors is relatively large, which can protect the dynamic range of current on a large scale, thus greatly improving the reliability of relay protection.

In the power system, the current induction sensor can sense the current properties and feedback the special current conditions to the relay protection in the power system. It is known from this article that there are still some problems in the first-generation electrical current sensors in relay protection, while the second-generation current transducer can make up for the shortcomings. With the continuous progress of science and technology, current transducer plays an important role in promoting relay protection in the power system.